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Doors to bloom 2016 DE kai machinery co., LTD.


On February 17th, after first day DE kai machinery co., LTD. Although Spring Festival atmosphere has not dissipated, on this day, both leaders and employees, early return to the company. Obviously company have tidy up the mood, and determined to open a good start for the next year!

To arrange equipment maintenance, and the office building and workshop to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection of carefully, after confirm everything is ok, all the staff put into work, every one in its place. Nowadays, order receipt, production machinery, such as the work is as usual, orderly.

In 2016, DE kai machinery will continue to focus on packaging machine, the manufacture of the machinery, steel pipe machine, constantly improve the technological level and provide more efficient and high quality service, to thank customers and our company has been support and trust from all walks of life. Here, also thanks to you later, I wish you all a happy New Year, healthy body, all the best!



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