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After-sales service commitment

DE kai machinery after-sales service commitment


"DE kai machinery after-sales service commitment"
DE kai machinery co., LTD., shunde district, foshan city, to provide customers with perfect and considerate service, from the customer's worries. DE kai machinery co., LTD., shunde district, foshan city, we established perfect after-sale service system and efficient after-sales service measures, and open special after-sales service hotline, to the products of the company in a timely manner to provide users with problem solving and technical service support; And set up aftersales service, and regularly pay a return visit to customers.
The company currently has more than ten professional after-sales service engineers as a strong after-sales service team, to provide after-sales services to clients and in a timely manner. DE kai machinery co., LTD., shunde district, foshan city, we give you the following after-sales service commitment, and according to the requirements of the service commitment to provide you with the corresponding maintenance services.
One, the machine one year limited warranty
(from the date of your purchase will be subject to formal purchase date), the machine one year free warranty.
Second, the after sales process
1, the machine after the installation and debugging success, the company entered the customer file, and by a professional after-sales service engineer is responsible for the technical tracking service, regular tracking machine usage. Machine malfunction after you can call our hotline or by written notice to our after-sales service, and we will be notified within four hours after the first telephone contact with customers, understand the machine in detail the cause of the problem, and determine the door maintenance time.
2, on-site maintenance, after-sales service engineers to do detailed inspection machine, first to use the machine after the relevant personnel in detail the cause of the problem, and how to avoid such failure, the method of repair again. Machine repair after confirm maintenance completed, sign in the after-sales service work, finally, the customer service evaluation is given, and advice on after-sales service receipts.
Third, door-to-door maintenance time
Guangzhou, shenzhen, dongguan, zhongshan, foshan and other pearl river delta cities within 5 work home maintenance, fujian association of foreign languages and areas within 48 hours door-to-door maintenance.
Four, from the warranty obligations
For the work of the following causes lead to the machine malfunction, or damage, our company assumes no obligation to provide free warranty, please customers choose paid services.
1, when the machine is beyond warranty;
2, not according to specifications and maintenance machine or artificial damage;
3, natural disasters and other force majeure (such as earthquake, fire, etc.).
In order to be able to better to the broad masses of customers to provide more high-quality after-sales service, to protect your rights and interests, DE kai machinery co., LTD., shunde district, foshan city, welcome you to our work to supervise and put forward valuable Suggestions.
Sealing and cutting machine, film packaging machine, shrinking machine, film machine, coating machine, sealing and cutting the shrinking machine, cuff wrapping machine, edge sealing packing machine, pillow packing machine, automatic packaging machinery such as food packages installed are within the scope of the warranty commitment!
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